A few friendly tips ...

At Sundari creations we believe in making clothes that last so that we are not adding to the devastating effects of the fashion industry. We believe that whenever buying a clothing item it should be put into consideration where that item is produced and in what conditions. It is good to pay little bit more as then you know that all people producing the item are paid well and its also good to research the label. 

Thats why it is good to support smaller labels.

All our creations are produced in Bali in Indonesia. We have been producing with the same small manufacturing houses for many years and have great relations with all that help produce our creations. We are using sustainable fabrics that are breathable and organic. All our cotton lycra is certified organic.

To preserve your clothing we highly recommend that you hand wash it in cool water or wash it at low temperatures with eco fabric wash.

We also recommend that you always let it dry naturally as dryers break down the fabrics too much and can destroy your clothing , if you really have to put it in the dryer then out it on a low heat and don't dry it completely , let the last bit of drying be natural as this will help make your clothes last longer. My own personal leggings can last 5 or 6 years when treated this way.

I hope this tip helps in making your wardrobe last longer.

Its also good to buy clothes that are timeless and that don't go in and out of fashion as then you know you will wear it over and over the years for many years to come.

Throw away fashion is a sad part of our world today , many items are sold so cheap and bought with out so much thought and sadly many of them end of getting thrown away.

Its also best to re-cycle your old clothing. Put your unworn clothes  in a local charity shop or hold a clothes swap party with some friends and any left over clothes from the party that no one takes can go to charity.