Sundari Creations



Sundari Creations is a unique, independent, eco-fashion label catering to those who believe in conscious clothing. We are passionate about creating cutting-edge fashion inspired by a connection to nature and to a holistic life style. We strongly believe in helping the environment and local communities and we tread lightly on the earth by using sustainable fabrics to make long-lasting clothes. We operate by the highest ethical standards, giving back to the local communities where we produce these clothes.


 We mainly cater for young women in their mid twenties/early forties who choose to live a holistic life and care for the Earth by supporting ethical clothing instead of disposable fashion. Our typical client is an active woman who practices yoga, pilates or visits the gym, and who has a taste for adventure: A creative free-spirited woman on the move with an action-packed life who enjoys comfort and style.

We want our clients to feel beautiful, stylish and sassy, to be their full selves, feeling confident and whole:
‘Be you to the full’.

The inspiration for the designs comes from years of traveling on the earth, learning about different cultures and religions, sleeping under the stars and meeting many inspiring people. The clothes are designed out of a life based around adventure, activity, comfort, yoga and connection to nature and living in the moment.