An interview with Anna Sundari by Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Before Sundari Creations, what was some of the work?


I taught myself to design and make jewelry. Before I taught myself to create jewelry, I was a hairdresser. I studied hairdressing and did that before I travelled. When I was travelling, I was still doing a lot of hairdressing.


Was this primarily women’s hair, men’s hair, or both?


Both, when you travel, it is easier to get jobs in men’s salons like in Australia when I was young I started working in barbers. Because they aren’t so particular. With women, it takes longer to build a clientele.


When you travel a lot its hard to build a clientele. For men’s hair, it is much easier to walk into a salon where there is already a clientele.


I am interested to know. You’ve cut men’s hair. You mentioned Australia. What is the defining characteristic for an Australian man’s hair – top 3?


This was 15-16 years ago. They liked flat tops there. It’s not the easiest haircut to do in the world. Short in the back and the sides, in Australia, they have a style that is longer in the back to keep the sun off their neck.


It is short on the side, on the top, but it’s a bit longer on the neck. That’s classic.


Have you cut hair in the UK?


A bit ago, but not now, I’ve been doing the Sundari Creations for about 10 years now.  I did salons in my 20s.


Now, with Sundari Creations, what is the general theme and message that you’re trying to convey, thinking about deeply, feeling about, as you’re making your products?


Each collection has a theme . My latest collections are Sacred Moments – Dance and Yoga. The message behind this collection is that every moment is sacred. That collection is based on that theme.


The other collection called A Touch of Grace – Tencel and Silk is an expression of being connected to the divine. All of that is collection about free spirit, being a gypsy, playful style.


It adds a bit of Spanish gypsy feeling. I created Amazonia – Dance and Yoga shortly after a trip to the Amazon. It is inspired by nature. The collections are based on the same thing. That we’re making high quality clothes to last.


One of the things that I stand for.