An Interview with Anna Sundari by Scott Douglas Jacobsen

An Interview with Anna Sundari by Scott Douglas Jacobsen
You’ve touched on personal background, spiritual inclinations as it applies to art for you, in addition to some of the works and collections you have through Sundari Creations. What’s your philosophical outlook? In your own terminology, what’s your own spiritual perspective on things?
Look after the Earth, which means you need to be conscious with all of our actions, where and what we’re buying and to make sure we are recycling everything, it is having the motivation necessary to preserve the Earth.
That way, we can take care of this Earth. So, my principles are to be in tune with the Earth and connected to it. It’s taking care of water and be thankful that we have fresh water. I don’t call myself a certain religion.
I practice yoga. I count blessings that I have a family, friends, and good health. For me, I believe it is all the same. It is all one spirit. It’s all God, great spirit. It’s a very deep question and so much to add to it.