Live your the change you wish to see




Sundari is an eco clothing label making ethical eco clothing of high quality using sustainable fabrics.

We strive to make clothes that look good and feel good.

Using fabrics that are natural and breathable.

We are a zero waste production, any left over fabric is ethier used by us or goes towards a project at our production house which is teaching children to make handicraft from left over fabrics.

 I have always had a passion for the protecting the earth and animals.

We come from a background of a yoga life style and have spent many year travelling through Asia and India.

We are creating clothes that can be worn on and off the matt.

That are breathable and can be worn in all climates .

This latest collection is named “ live your dreams “

 The inspiration for this collection comes from our passion to make a change.

We see as designers the huge impact the pollution of fashion and the problem with throw away clothes..clothes that are sold cheaper that we can produce them for and clothes that fall apart at the seams.

This consumer level is unconscious as people buy into fashion that is not designed to last.

Our designs are designed to be timeless and also made to last. We use only high quality fabrics that are sustainable and we produce in a homely production house where our staff our looked after and happy.