New designs - Eagle and hummingbird medicine.

Weaving positive intentions and prayers into our fabrics and designs.

Calling in a new earth where wet re in harmony with nature and our surroundings.

Walking lightly, we use organic fabrics, made in small batches with zero waste.


2020...A year I feel we will not forget..The world took a moment to take a deep breath and all stopped.

My new samples arrived during this time, based on native American art, Eagles and hummingbirds... 

The eagle medicine represents seeing the bigger picture as when soaring above and looking down they get a clear perspective. Which is relative for the times we are in now... its important to take a step back and to see the bigger picture.

The hummingbird is a symbol of joy, and love. With lightness, to see the joy in life and to kiss the flowers. The hummingbird medicine is to be in the moment bringing love and joy into our hearts.

These are coming soon...