Back in 2001 Anna Westcott, a free-spirited young lady with a passion for adventure and spirituality, was travelling around India, studying yoga and ancient healing arts. The people, the culture and the land inspired her deeply. There she spent much time by the ocean, under the stars and close to nature, enjoying the myriad of colours and textures India had to offer. During her stay she received the Sanskrit name ‘Sundari’ from her teacher, which means ‘beautiful’, and has been called this way ever since.

Gifted with great creativity and artistic skills, she started designing handbags and belt bags suitable to use when travelling, which would safely hold documents and could be worn around the waist or on the shoulder for security. She also created jewelry from hand-picked gems, which she inlaid with intentions and prayer, inspired by the sacred healing arts.

With a deep love and respect for the natural world, Sundari has been committed to using natural fabrics from the very start of her business. She had a passion for hemp material but it was very hard to find beautiful hemp clothing back then. As a result she created a label called ‘harmony’ that designed beautiful elegant hemp clothing suitable for everyday wear and ceremonies.

Over the years her label evolved into ‘Sundari’, an independent company designing fantastic eco-friendly clothes for movement, adventure and everyday life; clothes suitable for travelling, city life and being on the yoga mat; clothes that reflect her passion for life, nature, yoga and travel.

At Sundari we pride ourselves in offering something really different from the high street shops: top-quality stylish clothes that have been ethically manufactured, are designed to last, and made with all-natural

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breathable eco-friendly fabrics such as bamboo, organic cotton, silk and tencel (a fabric made from tree pulp). Our team pays great attention to shape, form and details and constantly seeks the most sustainable fabrics. Our clothes are tailored to flatter the form as well as to give comfort and style.
We believe in a healthy work environment and pride ourselves on our close relationship with pattern makers, tailors, and seamstresses. It’s very important to us that the people we work with are happy and paid well. We do not support sweat-shops or throw-away fashion



We mainly cater for young women in their mid twenties/early thirties who choose to live a holistic life and care for the Earth by supporting ethical clothing instead of disposable fashion. Our typical client is an active woman who practices yoga, pilates or visits the gym, and who has a taste for adventure: A creative free- spirited woman on the move with an action-packed life who enjoys comfort and style.

Our motto is: ‘Be you to the full’. We want our clients to feel beautiful, stylish and sassy, to be their full selves, feeling confident and whole.

For many years Sundari was selling only at festivals and markets in the UK. After experiencing many a wet muddy summer she decided to live part-time in Bali where her production team was based and to focus on wholesale. Today, over 10 people are involved in her company.