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Sundari Creations is a cutting-edge eco- fashion label founded by UK designer Anna Sundari whose vision is to empower and inspire women while taking good care of the earth. The brand oers stylish and comfortable clothing that can be worn on and othe matt and encourages a holistic lifestyle.

Sundari Creations treads lightly on the earth by using the most sustainable fabrics to make long-lasting clothes and operates by the highest ethical standards, giving back to the local Balinese communities where the clothes are produced.

The new collection ‘Live your dreams’ comprises of bra tops, leggings, jeggings, dresses, jumpsuits and tops in rich earthy colours from shades of grey, sage and gold to subtle purple tones. All items are made of luxurious high quality fabrics that are hand- dyed naturally using plants and patterned with leaves to create unique beautiful prints.

Sundari creations are kind to the body and to the environment and are designed for the active woman who cares about her planet.