The main inspiration for my label and my designs comes from my connection to nature and spirituality.

I have had the amazing gift in this life to be able to explore the earth. Travelling to all different cultures, seeing incredible sights and meeting with so many amazing people. It has been and still is my inspiration that feeds my creativity.

Often I weave into my designs an expression of spirit, an expression of the moment.

I started designing in my early twenties, designing jewelry and leather accessories. It has since then evolved into conscious clothing using natural fabrics and producing clothes that are ethically made.


I believe that if one feels good they look good and if they look good they feel good. It is important to be as conscious as possible, to be as aware as possible. It is important for us to take good care of our bodies, to eat well, to eat local organic food and to be aware of our diets, to know what we are eating and where it has come from. We are living in a time that is so diverse with so many options and possibilities. In a time where there is a lot of stress and pressure on individuals at work and when out.

There is a lot of pressure on image coming from the media that often causes insecurity and self-doubt. One of my messages in my designs is:

“ Be you to the full. Beautiful.”

Everyone is beautiful and perfect as they are

We also see a world of throw- away fashion.

Where when you walk down the high street all the mainstream chain stores mirror each other’s designs, all copying what’s the latest on the catwalk.

Often made from polyester, un- breathable fabrics with not so much attention paid to quality and mass-produced .We are rarely told how these clothes are produced. Although many people are now learning more and more about the reality of sweat shops and poor conditions and wages.

“We may not be able to change the world, we can change ourselves”.

To make a difference we can only start from ourselves.

Next time you walk the streets and see that top for a fiver take a moment:

What fabric is it made from? Where is it made? Is it mass-produced? How the quality? Is it made to last?

Its not always so easy as a designer to compete in a world of throw away fashions. The clothes in many of these high street shops across the world are so cheap that I cannot even produce them for that price.

I like to know that the people that help produce my clothes work in safe healthy environments, that they are treated well and paid well. It may cost me more but it is totally worth it for me.

I feel its important to consume less, to buy what you really like, not because its cheap or on sale.To buy clothes that you know will last a long time, that you will wear over and over again, that will not fall apart at the seams in a week or so and that will not be out of fashion in a few months.

For myself I like to support other young designers, I like to buy clothes made from natural fabrics that I know are ethically made in good conditions. Produces all the designs ethically in safe healthy conditions. A lot of the fabrics I am using are organic, all are natural.. All are made with care and attention.