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Back in bali...

I have finally made it back to my Bali home, to work on some new designs. The sun is shining and the land is full of colourful flowers, deep greens and bright pinks. Since arriving we have been working on different tye-dying techniques using only natural dyes and organic fabrics. More pictures soon to follow.  We also will soon have the black and gold organic shipibo leggings in stock. This is where your clothes are made. With love, slow fashion, clothes that are made to last for years, to be worn over and over again. Strong and highest quality fabrics and stitching. Sundari creations, we respect the earth and do our best to walk lightly.

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Inspiration   The main inspiration for my label and my designs comes from my connection to nature and spirituality. I have had the amazing gift in this life to be able to explore the earth. Travelling to all different cultures, seeing incredible sights and meeting with so many amazing people. It has been and still is my inspiration that feeds my creativity. Often I weave into my designs an expression of spirit, an expression of the moment. I started designing in my early twenties, designing jewelry and leather accessories. It has since then evolved into conscious clothing using natural fabrics and producing clothes that are ethically made.   I believe that if one feels good they look good and if...

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Eco fashion - Tencel

Welcome to “Sundari creations”. I am excited to share with you about tencel, our latest eco fabric that we have been working with. This fabric is lightweight, soft and has a luxurious feel. It is breathable and feels great to wear. Tencel is as soft as silk, more absorbent than cotton and lighter than linen. The clothes designed from this fabric drape the human body beautifully. Tencel is a man made fabric made from tree pulp created through a closed loop process that recovers or decomposes all solvents and emissions. Tencel is 100% biodegradable. It is a great fabric to wear in warmer climates, as it is lightweight and absorbent making it anti bacterial.    The collection I have made...

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