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Empowering one another - good relations.

At Sundari creations a happy working environment is important to us. We are all about empowering one another so we can step forward in this life with confidence. We therefore ensure everyone is happy and paid well. This means our garments are more expensive then the general high street store. Each garment you buy helps support a great network of women and men including myself. Sundari has close relations with her staff, we have a feeling of trust and friendship.   By buying clothes from Sundari creations you can rest ensured that they are ethically made.      

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Sustainable clothing for the conscious consumer ..

Yemanja mini dress 'Live your dreams " the fabrics are naturally dyed , the base colour is made with a Ketapang leaf and the pattern is formed with Chery leaf and tick leaf , all native to Bali , Indonesia . We are also using a range of natural , organic fabrics that make this collection fully sustainable and eco friendly . Be the change .  For the free spirited , conscious consumer who cares about the earth . We don't need plastic here !  These are clothes that of the highest quality , created with a lot of care by individuals that care about the environment .

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