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OUR STORY Back in 2001 Anna Westcott, a free-spirited young lady with a passion for adventure and spirituality, was travelling around India, studying yoga and ancient healing arts. The people, the culture and the land inspired her deeply. There she spent much time by the ocean, under the stars and close to nature, enjoying the myriad of colours and textures India had to offer. During her stay she received the Sanskrit name ‘Sundari’ from her teacher, which means ‘beautiful’, and has been called this way ever since. Gifted with great creativity and artistic skills, she started designing handbags and belt bags suitable to use when travelling, which would safely hold documents and could be worn around the waist or on...

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Producing with the Balinese people..

Producing with the Balinese people.         Bali is a very special place, one of the sacred wonders of the earth I feel. The land is covered in temples and the life revolves around ceremony. There is a special time for everything in Bali. In the Balinese calendar there is a best time for marriage, there is a best time for opening a business and there is even a best time to be cremated after death. All depends on certain dates. Life revolves around this calendar for a lot of the people. Each day starts with prayers and rituals. In every home and business. The day starts with the smell of sweet incense and prayer. It really is...

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